RA890 Series Protectorelay


MODEL B, C, E, F, G H, J, K

RA890G1286NEW Protectorelay RA890G1245$2,346.96
RA890G1260NEW Protectorelay RA890G1245$2,080.91
RA890G1229NEW Protectorelay RA890G1245$2,048.17
RA890C-REBNEW Protectorelay RA890F1270$258.86
RA890E-REBNEW Protectorelay RA890F1270$258.86
RA890F-REBNEW Protectorelay RA890F1270$258.86
RA890G-REBNEW Protectorelay RA890F1270$258.86
RA890H-REBNEW Protectorelay RA890F1270$378.12
RA890J-REBNEW Protectorelay RA890F1270$386.62
RA890B-REBNEW Protectorelay RA890F1270$258.86
RA890F1270NEW Protectorelay RA890F1270$2,048.17
RA890F1478NEW Protectorelay RA890F1478$2,348.58
RA890F1304NEW Protectorelay RA890F1304$2,309.58
RA890F1387NEW Protectorelay RA890F1387$2,199.71
RA890F1296NEW Protectorelay RA890F1296$2,047.94
RA890F1288NEW Protectorelay RA890F1288$2,080.96
RA890F1338NEW Protectorelay RA890F1338$2,321.26
RA890F1346NEW Protectorelay RA890F1346$2,393.10
RA890G1245NEW Protectorelay RA890G1245$2,295.96


The RA890 ProtectorelayŁ Primary Control is a nonprogramming, amplifying relay that provides solid state electronic flame safeguard protection for industrial and commercial gas, oil, or combination gas-oil burners.

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