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Pricing & Specifications

All published prices are in US funds and do not include shipping, handling or taxes. We make every effort to maintain these prices and current product descriptions and specifications.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our growth and reputation depend on your satisfaction. We work hard to earn your business. However, if you are dissatisfied with a product please call for return instructions.

Rebuilt / Exchange Terms & Conditions

The EPRI Rebuilding Process

EPRI has been rebuilding pneumatic controls for schools and hospitals nationwide since 1978. We know the problems and have the solutions. All items are bench tested initially then the units are disassembled, and inspected. We replace defective internal parts with good stock, re-assemble, and run rebuilt/improved unit through operating paces. If not satisfactory then we repeat the process and re-inspect. When fully satisfied, the units are calibrated, packaged, label/date stamped and shipped to you. In many cases, your rebuilt unit will work longer than a new one. We offer two rebuilding programs, see below for details.

Credit terms

  1. Major credit cards – minimum order $50
  2. COD with prior arrangements, contact EPRI @ 800-356-3774
  3. Open account with credit approval. Terms are Net 30 Contact Us for a credit application or call EPRI 800 356-3774 Note: Our suppliers are Net 30, so we must insist on 30-day pay from our customers who are granted open accounts. EPRI will assess a late payment charge which will be the greater of 10.00 minimum or 1.5 % per month. Accounts not maintained in good standing may be placed on COD. Invoices are billed the date your order leaves our facility.

Ship your thermostats for rebuilding to:

Edgemont Precision Rebuilders, Inc.
1758 Travers Wharf Rd Bldg B
Cambridge, MD 21613

Download – Packing Slip

We offer two rebuilding programs:

  1. Rebuilt/Exchange RBE
    This is the most cost effective way to replace your units. Collect your “bad” units, remove the covers (pneumatic thermostats only), fittings, and etc. then package your units securely and send them to EPRI postage paid. These core units are essential to our rebuilding program which is why your savings is the greatest with the Rebuilt/Exchange program. In addition to the core units enclose a purchase order, credit card payment information and your instructions if needed and send to:EPRI Edgemont Precision Rebuilders, Inc.
    1758 Travers Wharf Rd Bldg B
    Cambridge, MD 21613
    Subject to availability, these units are rebuilt units from our stock with no exchange required. They are priced a little higher than the exchange units and are only available when our stock allows. Most Outrights are not listed on our site for purchase, therefore you must call. The shortest lead time for Rebuilt/Outright units is May to August. Contact us @ 800-356-3774 and tell us you want to place an Order for Outright Rebuilt units.

When sending your controls for rebuilding include a purchase order, business card and/or similar information on your letterhead. We can not be responsible for unidentifiable items.