Who We Are

EPRI Edgemont Precision Rebuilders, Inc. delivers quality rebuilt temperature controls for a fraction of the cost of new controls. At EPRI we rebuild, primarily pneumatic thermostats for schools, hospitals, retirement homes, state and federal correction facilities, resorts, and hotels nationwide. We rebuild pneumatics and solve pneumatic control problems.

The pneumatic thermostat is, as you know, the heart of the pneumatic system. It controls the precise movement of valves delivering hot and chilled water, dampers controlling outside, supply and return air, as well as interlock devices that perform start/stop functions prompted by the time of day, or pump and fan on-off positions. In addition, we rebuild a host of interface devices and maintain competitive prices on new accessory items and controls that make up the balance of a pneumatic system.

Your control problems can be solved, inexpensively. Simply, remove your controls from service and send them to EPRI securely packaged and postage paid with your purchase order. Call us toll-free for assistance. When your controls arrive in our shop we use specially designed test panels equipped with compressed air lines to diagnose and rebuild your controls. As part of our service each control is cleaned and returned looking and working as if new, again. The end product looks and acts like the original and just like the original we provide a one year warranty. We’ll even give you a trade-in allowance on that old box of stats you have.

Our knowledge, skill and support has been appreciated as an attractive alternative to expensive replacement costs by Building and Maintenance Managers, Property Managers, Operations Managers, Facility Directors and similar professionals since 1978. We can solve the problem for the guy who “feels the heat – or lack of it” and the guy who is struggling to keep costs in line.