ESF-35-2 Air Flow Transmitter


Converts airspeed into a 4-20mA or a 0-10 Vdc signal. Linear output signal. Corrosion resistant. Electronic registration of airflow speed. AC or DC voltage supply. Temperature output signal 0-10 Vdc. Fuse protected.

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The ESF-35-2 air flow transmitter can be used in a wide range of applications. For example: Measurements of airflow speed via PLC/outstation/EMS, Regulation of airflow speed, monitoring of airflow speed. The ESF-35-2 transmitter registers the airflow speed according to a thermal principle based on the fact that the cooling action of air increases with airspeed. The action is measured and converted to a 4-20mA or a 0-10 V signal corresponding to airflow speeds from 0 – 1575 ft/min or 0-3150 ft/min.


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