5004-890 Flame Safe Guard Controller


5004-890-0000Flame Safeguard Controller$1,074.45
5004-890-0A00Flame Safegaurd Automatic Reset$939.62
Read more5004-890-S000Flame Safeguard - Standing PilotObsolete
Read more5004-890-00LGFlame Safeguard Historical Alarm Log *Obsolete
5004-890-SA00Flame Safeguard Auto Reset Standing Pilot$1,147.79
Read more5004-890-0ALGFlame Safeguard Auto Reset Hist Alarm Log *Obsolete
Read more5004-890-S0LGFlame Safeguard Standing Pilot Hist Alarm Log*Obsolete
Read more5004-890-SALGFlame Safeg Auto Reset Standg Pilot His Alarm Log*Obsolete


The Quanta-Flame 5004-890 series is designed for on-off single burner process heat applications. The controller sequences the burner through ignition, pilot trial for ignition, main trail for ignition. The primary difference between these controllers and the 5004-795 series controllers is the 890 series lack blower motor terminals. The 890 series monitor the burner flame and running interlocks to safely shut down the burner in the event of an unsafe operating condition.

The 5004-795 series controllers are a direct replacement for most Honeywell R4795 controls.

* requires 5004-216 display

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