WD-100 Series Water Detector


Monitors variety of liquids, single-point or conductivity cable, fail-safe-circitry, form C, relay output, weatherproof enclosure.



The WD100 is a microchip-based device that uses gold-plated sensing probes to detect the presence of water or other conductive liquid. The WD100 is powered by an AC or DC source, 14-30 volts. It features normally open and normally closed (form C) relay contacts rated at 5A @ 120 VAC/30 VDC for connection to a monitoring system, or direct control of another device. The mounting legs will allow a sensing height adjustment from 0″ to 1/2″. The WD100 is designed to signal an alarm if one or more of three conditions are met: water is detected, power is lost to the unit, or if there is an internal failure. The WD-102 operates on the same principle as the WD-100 but comes with a 5 ft. remote probe. The WD-100-5,10, -25, -50, -100 comes with the specified length of conductivity cable.


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