R7289 R7290 Flame Safeguard Amplifiers


R7289A1004-REBNEW R7289A 1004$77.74
R7289A1012-REBNEW R7289A 1004$77.74
R7289A1020-REBNEW R7289A 1004$77.74
R7290A1001-REBR7289 R7290 Flame Safeguard Amplifiers$77.74
R7290A1019-REBR7289 R7290 Flame Safeguard Amplifiers$77.74
R7290A1027-REBR7289 R7290 Flame Safeguard Amplifiers$77.74
Read moreR7289A1004NEW R7289A 1004Obsolete
R7290A1001NEW R7290A 1001$569.29


Solid state plug-in units allow use of rectification or ultraviolet flame detection. Use with R4795A,D Flame Safeguard primary controls and appropriate flame detector.

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