D-9502 Pneumatic Damper Actuator Positioner


D-9502-9Positioner for D-3153 2 stage Actuator$452.71
D-9502-8Positioner for D-3153 Actuator$246.45
D-9502-612Spring Extension 6"$51.09
D-9502-611Diaphragm Repair Kit pack of 6$96.71
D-9502-610Positioner Spring 5" for D-3244$9.83
D-9502-609Positioner Spring 4" for D3073 and D 3153$9.23
D-9502-604Lever Arm Assembly$19.21
D-9502-5Positioner for No. 5 or D-3244 Actuator$231.06
D-9502-602Spring for #4 Actuator$8.89
D-9502-100Pilot Spring Bracket$30.74


The D-9502 Pneumatic Damper Actuator Positioners are relay devices used to adjust and maintain damper actuators in exact positions. They are sold as part of a kit for specific actuators. Kits include: Positioner, Mounting Plate, Hardware and Spring. Tubing is sold separately.

Obsolete models:
D-9502-1 replace with a model from the D-4073 series
D-9502-2 repace with D-9502-8

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