Motorized Zone Valve Replacement Parts


V4043, V4044, V8043, V8044

40003918-00840003918-008 Adaptor kit V4043E,J V8043J low pressure steam$16.63
40003918-00740003918-007 Adaptor kit  V4044, V8044  3 way diverting valves$16.31
40003918-00640003918-006 Adaptor Kit V4043, V8043, 2 way hydronic valves$15.85
40003916-54840003916-548 Powerhead V8043F5000 24V$83.31
40003916-52640003916-526 Powerhead V8043E5000 24V$75.47
40003916-52140003916-521 Powerhead Assembly V8043A5000 24V$71.57
40003916-04840003916-048 Powerhead Assembly V8043F 24V$72.38
40003916-04740003916-047 Powerhead Assembly V4044A 120V$79.46
40003916-04640003916-046 Powerhead Assembly V8044A 24V$69.17
40003916-03640003916-036 Powerhead Assembly V4044A 120V$81.73
40003916-03340003916-033 Powerhead Assembly V4044A 208V$66.68
40003916-03240003916-032 Powerhead Assembly V8044A 24V$71.14
40003916-03140003916-031 Powerhead Assembly V4043B 120V$74.64
40003916-02740003916-027 Powerhead Assembly V8043B 24V$69.03
40003916-02640003916-026 Powerhead Assembly V8043E 24V$66.17
40003916-02540003916-025 Powerhead Assembly V8044E 24V$75.04
40003916-02440003916-024 Powerhead Assembly V4043A 120V$70.32
40003916-02340003916-023 Powerhead Assembly V4043A 240V$67.95
40003916-02140003916-021 Powerhead Assembly V8043A 24V$62.72



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