M9208 Series Electric Spring Return Actuators 70 lb-in.


M9208-AGA-2ON/OFF Float. 24V Actuator$210.09
M9208-GGA-3Proportional 24V HFC Actuator$236.86
M9208-GGA-2Proportional 24V Actuator$236.86
M9208-BGC-3ON/OFF 24V 2 SPDT Switches Actuator$203.91
M9208-BGA-3ON/OFF 24V Actuator$172.60
M9208-BAC-3ON/OFF 120V 2 SPDT Switches Actuator$193.10
M9208-BAA-3ON/OFF 120V Actuator$191.55
M9208-AGC-3ON/OFF Float. 24V 2 SPDT Switches Actuator$209.44
M9208-AGA-3ON/OFF Float. 24V HFC Actuator$210.09
M9208-GGC-3Proportional 24V SPDT Switches Actuator$233.91



  • 70 lb-in. rated torque
  • Direct-coupled design
  • Reversible mounting
  • Electronic stall detection
  • External mode selection switch (-AGx and GGx models)
  • Configured for Plenum use, ON/OFF or Floating Control
  • Click here for accessories

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