M910X-Agx-2Nx Series Electric Non-Spring Return Actuators 35 lb-in. – 53 lb-in.


M9104-AGA-2NFloat. 35 Lb.in Actuator$59.14
M9104-AGS-2NFloat. 35 Lb.in w/ transmitter & Wiring Harness$139.54
M9106-AGA-2N01Float. 53 Lb.in Actuator$88.61
M9106-AGA-2N02Float. 53 Lb.in 120 Sec Timing Actuator$88.61
M9106-AGS-2N02M9106-AGA-2N02 w/ Transmitter & Wiring Harness$183.58


  • Direct mount
  • Electric Non-Spring Return
  • Operate on AC 24 V power
  • Installed on VAV Variable Ar Volume boxes, Variable Temperature and Volume two-position zone applications or small to medium size dampers w/ a round shaft up to 1/2″ or a 3/8″ square shaft.
  • AGS-2N and AGS-2N02 models combines actuator w/ a pre-wired DPT-2015 Differential Pressure Transmitter that has a 0 to 1.5 inch W.C. differential pressure range and a 20 in. wiring harness

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