M9108 Series Electric Non-Spring Return Actuators 70 lb.in


M9108-AGA-2ON/OFF Float. Actuator$119.48
M9108-JGA-2Act. 100-10,000 ohm potentiometer$283.17
M9108-HGC-2Proportional Act. Adj Start & Span 2 SPDT Switches$224.13
M9108-HGA-2Proportional Act. Adj Start & Span$190.80
M9108-GGC-2Proportional Act. w/ 2 SPDT Switches$233.17
M9108-GGA-2Proportional Actuator$176.61
M9108-AGE-2ON/OFF Float. Act. 2 SPDT Switches 1000 ohm pot$153.50
M9108-AGD-2ON/OFF Float. Act. 135 ohm potentiometer$158.23
M9108-AGC-2ON/OFF Float. Act. 2 SPDT Switches$145.82


  • Direct mount
  • Electric Non-Spring Return
  • Operates on AC 24 V power
  • 70Lb.in torque
  • Fits 3/8 to 3/4 round shaft, 3/8 to 5/8 square shaft, 1″ diameter jackshaft w/ M9000-154 addapter
  • Rotation range 0 to 90° in 5° increments, mechanically linited to 93°

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