T-4756 Dual Temperature Thermostat


T-4756-201NEW H/C, 15 psig DIR, 20 psig REV Horizontal$308.90
T-4756-202NEW H/C, 15 psig DIR, 20 psig REV Vertical$308.90
T-4756-205NEW H/C, 15 psig REV, 20 psig DIR Horizontal$308.90
T-4756-206NEW H/C, 15 psig REV, 20 psig DIR Vertical$317.65


The T-4756 Thermostat is a high volume output, dual temperature, dual dial heating-cooling thermostat which accomplishes mode switchover between direct and reverse actions with a change in supply pressure from 15 to 20 psig. Available farenheit and celsius scale.

  • DIR/REV or REV/DIR Acting
  • Horizontal or Vertical

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