T-4506 Dual Temperature Thermostat


T-4506-201NEW DIR H Mounting w/ Indx Sw$354.09
T-4506-202NEW DIR V Mounting w/ Indx Sw$364.19
T-4506-203NEW DIR H Mounting w/o Indx Sw$315.63
T-4506-204NEW DIR V Mounting w/o Indx Sw$315.63
T-4506-209NEW REV H Mounting w/ Indx Sw$415.45
T-4506-217NEW REV H Mounting w/o Indx Sw$315.63


The T-4506 Thermostat is a high volume output, dual temperature, dual dial thermostat. It provides individual day and night, or two set point temperature control. Available in Direct Acting (DIR) and Reverse Acting (REV) models. Includes:

  • Fahrenheit dial
  • Direct acting (DIR) available in vertical (V) or horizontal (H)model
  • Reverse acting (REV) available in horizontal (H) model
  • Available with optional manual indexing switch (Indx Sw)that permits you to restore the day temperature of the individual thermostat without affecting the other system thermostats
  • Indexing switch can be unlatched manually or will automatically reset with the day cycle.

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