Kits Conversion to T-4002 from Non-Johnson stats


Universal Conversion kit for converting from older Johnson Models T-4000-605

T-4002-301NEW Direct Acting White Cover$231.33
T-4002-302NEW Reverse Acting White Cover$231.33
T-4002-303NEW Direct Acting Beige Cover$231.33
T-4002-304NEW Reverse Acting Beige Cover$231.33


This thermostat with cover and two-pipe conversion kit is designed for converting existing non-Johnson Controls single temperature thermostats. The kit contains a single temperature, direct or reverse acting room thermostat, 2 pipe, range 55-85 degrees farenheit, horizontal or verticle mount, with conversion kit and white cover.

For complete list of existing non-Johnson Controls Conversions view/download the product spec sheet.

Download Product Spec Sheet



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