D-4070 Actuator


D-4070-1NEW 3-6 1st stage, 9-12 stage 2 w/aux mtg bracket$375.36
D-4070-2NEW 3-6 stage 1, 11-14 stage 2 w/aux mtg bracket$370.40
D-4070-6001NEW 3-6 First Stage, 9-12 Second Stage Body only$301.97
D-4070-6002NEW 3-6 First Stage, 11-14 Second Stage Body Only$347.59


The D-4070 Two Stage Actuator is a multipurpose positioning device used to accurately position small dampers primarily unit ventilators, variable air volumes (VAVs), terminal units and small ventilating dampers. The D-4070 is a direct replacement for existing D-3070 actuators and a functional replacement for older D-255 actuators.

Model D-4070-6001 is the body only.

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