D-3244 Piston Damper Actuator


D-3244-1Single with Positioner floor mount 18in lever arm$3,844.65
D-3244-2Duplex with Positioner floor mount 18in lever arm$5,070.97
D-3244-3Single with Positioner swivel mount$1,221.67
D-3244-4Single swivel mount (no positioner)$742.74


The D-3240 Series Pneumatic Piston Actuators are multipurpose positioning devices designed to operate inlet vanes on centrifugal fans and compressors or in applications that require a large amount of positioning power.

All have an 8-13 PSIG spring range and are available in two mounting configurations:
Swivel-mounted are available with or without the positioner. Included are the swivel mount bracket, clevis and arm.
Pedestal (single or duplex) floor-mounted models come with a D-9502positioner

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