D-3153 Actuator


D-3153-1NEW 8 to 13 w/D-9502 D-3153-1$506.26
D-3153-2NEW 8 to 13 PSIG Spring D-3153-2$364.45
D-3153-3NEW 5 to 10 PSIG Spring D-3153-3$357.51
D-3153-4NEW 8 to 13 w/D-9502 D-3153-4$506.26
D-3153-5NEW 8 to 13 PSIG Spring D-3153-5$348.08
D-3153-6NEW 5 to 10 PSIG Spring D-3153-6$357.51
D-3153-7NEW 3 to 7 PSIG Spring D-3153-7$341.64


The D-3153 Pneumatic Piston Actuator is a multipurpose positioning device used primarily for operating ventilating dampers.


  • 2-way swivel connection on the actuator cylinder head is provided for non-binding movement
  • Telescoping piston rod for easy linkage to the damper for attachment points up to 8 3/4″ away from the face of the actuator
  • Swivel ball joint and slotted crankarm connector for optional methods of linkage to the damper
  • Two positions are provided on the pivot post for flexiblity
  • Where sequential operation is desired or positiong power is necessary, a D-9502 kit is also available to enable 2-stage actuator control
  • Models -1, -2, -3 come with Mounting Bracket Models -4, -5, -6, -7. -18 come with 4″ diameter flange type auxiliary mounting bracket

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