D-3062 Piston Damper Actuator


D-3062-2NEW 5 to 10 PSIG Spring$104.13
D-3062-4NEW 11 to 15 PSIG Spring$113.56
D-3062-1NEW 3 to 7 PSIG Spring$104.13
D-3062-3NEW 8 to 13 PSIG Spring$104.13
D-3062-41NEW 8 to 13 PSIG Spring with Univ Mounting Kit$214.71


The D-3062 Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuator is used to accurately position small dampers primarily on variable air volume (VAV) terminal units and small ventilating dampers. This actuator is also recommended for the Johnson D1300 air flow control dampers.


  • Aluminum housing which encloses the diaphragm and spring
  • A tubular shaft design accepts a telescoping rod or push-pull ball joint for linkage flexibility
  • The Actuator housing has provisions for both front and rear mounting
  • Accessories are listed on the product spec sheet.

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