Johnson A99B Series Temperature Sensor


A99BA-200Sensor with Shielded Cable 6 1/2ft -40 to 212F$29.96
A99BC-500CSensor with High Temp Silicon Cable 16 3/8ft$112.83
A99BC-300Sensor with High Temp Silicon Cable 9 3/4ft$51.80
A99BC-25Sensor with High Temp Silicon Cable 9 3/4in$28.21
A99BB-600Sensor with PVC Cable 19 1/2ft -40 to 212F$40.54
A99BB-500Sensor with PVC Cable 16 3/8ft -40 to 212F$37.02
A99BB-300Sensor with PVC Cable 9 3/4ft -40 to 212F$29.96
A99BB-200Sensor with PVC Cable 6 1/2ft -40 to 212F$27.21
A99BB-25Sensor with PVC Cable 9 3/4in -40 to 212F$27.99
A99BC-1500Sensor with High Temp Silicon Cable 49ft$305.00


The A99B Series Temperature Sensors are passive PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) sensors. These sensors are splashproof and are designed to measure temperature in a variety of refrigeration applications.

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