Hoffman Series B1 B2 Inverted Bucket Steam Traps BearTrap


Read more404312B1125A-2 125/250 psi 1/2"Request Quote
Read more404324B1015A-3 15/250 psi 3/4"Request Quote
Read more404328B1030A-3 30/250 psi 3/4"Request Quote
Read more404332B1075A-3 75/250 psi 3/4"Request Quote
Read more404336B1125A-3 125/250 psi 3/4"Request Quote
Read more404340B1180A-3 180/250 psi 3/4"Request Quote
Read more404356B2075A-3 75/250 psi 3/4"Request Quote


Hoffman Series B1 B2 Inverted Bucket Steam traps are designed for a wide range of industrial applications including steam mains, laundry and dry cleaning plants, food processing and those that require a lift in the discharge lines.

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