DS-3153 High Temperature Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuator


DS-3153-1Actuator 8-13 psi w/ positioner & univ mtg bracket$389.20
DS-3153-4Actuator 8-13 psi w/ positioner & aux mtg bracket$259.43
DS-3153-5Actuator 8-13 psi w/ aux mtg bracket$297.01


Description:The DS-3153 is a multipurpose positioning device used primarily for operating smoke ventilating dampers in response to the output signals of a pneumatic controller or electro-pneumatic transducer during life safety applications. Used with dampers up to a maximum area of 16 sq ft for porportional volume control and 25 sq ft for two position actuation provided that the torque requirements are compatible with the specific application.

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