D-3246 Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuator


The D-3246 Actuators are furnished with an 8 tp 13 PSIG spring range and are available as swivel mounted and pedestal (single or duplex) floor-mounted.

D-3246-5D-3246-5 Single Damper Actuator 8-13 PSIG$1,242.56
D-3246-1D-3246-1 Single Damper Actuator 8-13 PSIG with hardware$853.83
D-3246-2D-3246-2 Single Damper Actuator with Positioner 8-13 PSIG$1,080.92
D-3246-3D-3246-3 Duplex Damper Act with Positioner 8-13 PSIG$4,518.04


The D-3246 are multipurpose positioning devices for operating inlet vanes on centrifugal fans and compressors, in direct response to the output signal of a pneumatic controller. Floor mounted models are furnished with a factory installed and calibrated D-9502 Positioner; swivel mounted models are available with or without the positioner.

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