A72 Two Pole Heavy Duty Temperature Controls (Adjustable Differential)


A72AP-1C-10/65F; DIFF 4 - 40 ADJ; 6 ft. CAP$277.63
A72AA-1C-30/30F; Diff 4-25 ADJ; 6' CAP; 3/8 X 3 "$172.77
A72AA-2C15/55F; DIFF 3 - 30 ADJ; 6 ft. CAP; 3/8 X 3"$248.23
A72AA-3C50/90F; Diff 3-30 Adj; 6' Cap; 11/16 X 6-3/4"$264.56


Description: This temperature control incorporates a vapor charged sensing element and heavy duty contacts. Use for automatic control of heavy electrical loads.

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Johnson Controls


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