A70 Four-Wire, Two-Circuit Temperature Control


A70GA-2C35/80F; Diff 3-30 adj; Main Open Low; 3/8X3 in. 6'$234.53
A70HA-1C15/55F; Diff 5 Fixed; Main Open Low; 1/8 X 20'$280.26
A70HA-2C35/80F; Diff 6 Fixed; Main Open Low; 3/8X3" 6'$243.67
A70HA-14C15/55F; Diff 5 Fixed; Main Open Low; 1/8X20'$146.12
A70KA-1C100-170F;Diff 8 Fixed;Main Open High;3/8X10" 6 '$284.17


The A70 Series incorporates a sensing element. The contacts are designed so that when the main contact opens, the auxillary contact close. Typical applications include energizing an indicator light after a low temperature cutout on a ventilating system.

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