A419 Electronic Temperature Controls (NEMA or NEMA 4X Enclosure)

A419GBF-1C 24VACRANGE -30 TO 212 F 6 1/2 ft Obsolete
A419GEF-1C NEMA 4X 24VAC RANGE -30 TO 212F 9IN LEAD 1 Obsolete
A419AEC-2C NEMA 4X RANGE -30 TO 212F 6 1/2 ft Obsolete
A419AEC-1C NEMA 4X RANGE -30TO212F 9 3/4 in Obsolete
A419ABC-2C RANGE -30 TO 212 F9 ft. 3/4 in Obsolete
A419ABC-3C RANGE -30 TO 212F 13 ft Obsolete
A419ABC-4C RANGE -30 TO 212F 19.5 ft Obsolete
A419ABC-1C RANGE -30 TO 212F 6 1/2 ft Obsolete

Product Description

These controls are single-stage, electronic temperature controls with a Single Pole, Double Throw output relay. The A419 models have heating and cooling modes, adjustable setpoint and differential, an adjustable anti-short cycle delay, and a temperature offset (setback) function. Used to control a wide variety of single-stage refrigeration or HVAC equipment.

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