A36 Four Stage Remote Bulb Thermostats


A36AHA-58C0/70F; 3 Fixed DIFF; 15 ft. CAP; 3/8 X 4 in. BULB$549.38
A36AHB-33C0-70F; 2 Fixed Diff; 15' CAP; OPEN-ENC; 3/8X4"$519.05
A36AHA-52C55/95F; 6 ft. CAP; 4 STG; ; 3/8 X 5-1/4 in. BULB$466.74
A36AHA-50C55/95F; 18 in. CAP; 4 STG;3/8 X 5-1/4 in. BULB$524.10


The A36 series are four stage thermostats with open construction for use in panel mounting. Use for cycling control for multiple refrigeration compressors or unloading type compressors.

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