A28 Two Stage Temperature Control

A28 Two Stage Temperature Control


A28AA-28C DIFF 3.5 FIXED; 6 ft. CAP; 2-SPDT; 12 ft $178.03
A28AA-29C 8 ft. CAP; 2-SPDT;3/8 X 4 in $156.19
A28AA-36C 40/90F; 6 ft. CAP; 2-SPDT;3/8 X 5-3/4 in $156.27
A28AA-37C 60-140F; 5 Fixed Diff ;6 ft $151.80
A28AA-4C 30/110F; DIFF 3 $150.94
A28AA-9C 20/80F;3.5 Fixed Diff ;6 ft $134.39
A28AB-1C 20/80F; 6 ft. CAP; 2-SPDT;3/8 X 5 in $131.27
A28AJ-4C 20/80F; 6 ft. CAP; 2-SPDT 3/16 X 22 in $176.04

Product Description

These are two stage temperature controls that incorporate a liquid filled sensing element. Use for temperature sensing applications requiring two-stage control of HVAC/Refrigerationequipment.

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