A19 Series High Range Temperature Control


A19AAB-4C6 ft.CAP; SPST; 3/8 X 5 in. BULB; OPEN HIGH$121.50
A19AAB-7C6 ft.CAP; SPST; 3/16 X 9-1/2 in. BULB; OPEN High$269.79
A19AAB-10C8 ft. CAP; SPST;3/16 X 6 in. BULB; OPEN 200/550 F$269.79
A19AAC-9C6 ft. CAP; SPDT; 3/8 X 3-1/2 in. BULB 100-240 F$143.72
A19ABB-2CDIFF 6 - 24 ADJ; 10 ft. CAP; SPST;.290 X 2.52 BULB$154.82
A19ABB-7CDIFF 6-24 ADJ; 3M CAP; 7.4 X 64MM$85.80


These controls are single stage temperature controls with a liquid filled sensing element. Suitable for heating, ventilating, airconditiong and refrigeration applications.

See specification sheet for temperature ranges available for each model.

Bulb wells are available for liquid immersion applications.

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