Accritem Rigid Bulb Controller


744 Rigid-REB$340.00
Read more744-1213Copper, Air Operated , DirectObsolete
Read more744-1217Copper, Water Operated, DirectObsolete
Read more744-1218Copper, Water Operated, ReverseObsolete
Read more744-1271Stainless Steel, Air Operated, ReverseObsolete
744-1214Copper, Air Operated, Reverse$1,882.82


Accritem Controllers are reliable, rugged, compact non-indicating controllers that accurately maintain temperatures in a wide variety of applications. Listed here are both Air and Water Operated Rigid Bulbs made of copper or stainless and available with direct or reverse action.

  • Complete with pressure gauges and fitting (1/2″ NPT Pipe Fitting)
  • Adjustable set point 50-350 F
  • Sensing element is bimetallic, an invar rod enclosed in copper or stainless steel bulb
  • Sensing element acts by differential expansion of a bimetal element, no danger of leakage from the bulb
  • Forged brass construction with phosphor bronze internal parts or stainless steel.

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