Barber Colman Pneumatic Thermostats


Rebuilt and New models available .  Send us your stats and save 40-60%.  Rebuilts have -REB at the end of the SKU

Barber-Colman usually comes up first on a list of the big 5 HVAC companies especially prior to the 80’s and the dawn of DDC.   Barber- Colman has earned that designation not just because of its alphabetical placement but for the company’s innovation over a century of American manufacturing history.  The Barber-Colman complex pictured was not just a manufacturing plant but a teaching institution for the development of various industries among them building controls.  Many names have been associated with and linked to Barber-Colman.  For example, KMC Controls and Ken Kreuter are an American success story that began with a summer job.  Today, Schneider Electric is making the controls we still call Barber-Colman.  

Click HERE for one of the best histories of Barber Colman I have ever read! Found on Flicker.

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